Career Profile

I am an experienced full-stack programmer, with more than 20 years of experience, developing applications for the web and in the financial services industry. Strong communication and organizational skills. Proven abilities of innovation, problem resolution and comprehension of complex technical information.

Skills & Proficiency


Linux: Gentoo, Ubuntu, Red Hat
Microsoft: Windows
IBM: OS/400


PHP, Java, Python, Bash, Perl, JavaScript, C/C++, COBOL

Build Tools

Maven, Autotools, Pip, Composer, Meson, Gradle


OSS: MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite
Oracle: MySQL, Oracle Database
Microsoft: SQL Server


Git, Subversion


Apache Server, Apache Geronimo, Wordpress, jQuery, HTML/CSS, Pelican


Nagios, Groundworks, ActiveMQ, LogRhythm, OSSEC IDS


Personal Leave


Took personal time to recharge and investigate other pursuits. Audited courses in Math, History and Philosophy. Travelled.

WordPress Consultant

2016 - 2018, Remote

Developed a WordPress PHP plugin and Google Chrome plugin to easily import and export to CSV, to view and the book data from Amazon and the associated additonal meta-data created by web site owner. This reduced the website operator's reliance on the Amazon book web service as well as allowing offline editing and importing of updated information.

Business Application Monitoring Specialist

2008 - 2016
Symcor, Mississauga, ON

Maintained Groundworks (based on Nagios monitoring system) a multi-site, geographically distributed monitoring system containing 1,500 servers and 40,000 monitored services along with the suite of provided and custom monitoring scripts. Designed and developed a multi-site, distributed monitoring system (Java Message Service on Geronimo J2EE server) to support the ticket request load. Previously, the system would crash weekly losing advanced notice of potential client impacting technical issues. The current system was robust and had at most 2 to 3 crashes per year and any queued events would be forwarded to ticketing system, minimizing the number of lost events.

Joomla Consultant

2008 - 2016
Toucan Search & Selection, Burlington, ON

Designed and integrated in Joomla a candidate profile submission form, a candidate search engine and email notification system using MySQL, PHP and JavaScript. This reduced the administrative tasks performed by company's recruiters by 80% through automation of the candidate information submission and notification process.

Web Consultant

2005 - 2007, Burlington, ON

Created Linux shell scripts to convert web site content from Server Side Include directives to PHP scripts. This was done to incorporate PHP scripts to perform banner rotation. Added PayPal payment processing, allowing the web site to sell tickets to Milk club events, using PHP and PayPal's Instant Payment Notification and Payment Data Transfer APIs.

Programmer Analyst

2001 - 2002
Odeka, Toronto, ON

Maintained and enhanced a large and complex investment planning software using data structures in Access and coding in VB 6.0. Provided input to technical specifications reviews to ensure that projects met business requirements. Documented programs as per project standards and created specifications and technical documents, as required.

Programmer Analyst

2000 - 2001
Corporate Communications Interactive, Toronto, ON

Maintained and enhanced a large and complex mutual fund reporting software using data structures in Access and coding in VB 6.0. Created a tax reporting application submitting tax information files and tax statements using standards set by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) using VB and data contained within Access database to the CCRA. The tax statements were designed using ActiveReport report control. As part of a design group, provided technical analysis and technical specifications to rewrite the software to use SQL Server 2000. Coded, documented, tested and wrote the specifications for the new VB program and SQL Server stored procedures according to project standards. Coded, documented and tested a support program to automate the distribution of new upgrades of the software using Visual C++ according to project standards.

Programmer Analyst

1996 - 2000
Onlie Financial Services, Toronto, ON

Maintained and enhanced the retail banking software based on the AS/400 platform using COBOL with the data stored in a combination of flat files and DB2 tables. Maintained and enhanced a GUI front end to the AS/400 banking software based on PC’s using VB with the data stored in a SQL Server database. Coded, documented, tested and wrote the specifications for a new internet banking software using DTS components written in VB 6.0 with the GUI written in ASP and interfacing the SQL Server database’s stored procedures and client data according to project standards. Provided 24 hours a day 7 days a week phone based technical assistance to the client for the AS/400 and PC hardware and software platforms. Provided on site technical support to clients in British Virgin Islands, Trinidad & Tobago and Singapore.


Bachelor of Science – Computer Information Systems (With Distinction)

2003 - 2006
Athabasca University