In the Beginning

In the beginning:
God created 0
nothing, formless and empty
Then God said, "let there not be nothing"
And then there was 1
something, at least
God saw that 1 was good
Then God said, "if 1 is good, then 10 is better"
God blessed the 0 and the 1
And God said to them, "Here are DeMorgans Laws,
I give you dominion over them.
Go forth and multiply"
And God beheld this stack, and it was very good
And on the last instruction God forked, his only begotten daemon
And God said, "Only through my daemon, can a 0 or 1 come"
And 10 begat 00 which begat 01 which begat 11
which begat 011 which begat 010 which begat 110
which begat 101 which begat 100 which begat 000
which begat 001
And God saw that the begatting, over and over
had begotten into a mess
Eerywhere Entropy was increasing,
Information was less and less
And God saw that to all things an end must come
Then God said, "goto: In the beginning"

Is That True?

Is that true?
I know this one is true
and this too is true
It is true that is this one
and that is this too
If this one is that and this too is that
then that is true.
only when this one is this too!
so when is that true?
that one is that
that will be that too
that one was true
but that too could be either
is neither this one nor that
not this too
That was true, that too is not true
now that that too is not true

So when will that be true?

That Facebook

I don't like that many people
That much
To invest that much time on
That platform
That costs that much


Close your eyes
Picture nothing
Try as you might, you can't
The void, the darkness
The phenomenological nothingness
Can't exist
Couldn't have existed
It will exist
Until it negates itself
Because nothing can't exist

If something could exist then nothing no longer exists
If something does exist then everything will exist
When everything will exist then nothing will change
When nothing can change then something has changed